SeaTek specializes in high frequency acoustic instrumentation for both laboratory and field applications.

For the past 20 years, custom designed Seatek Ultrasonic Ranging Systems have been used to meet the industry’s close range high-resolution ranging needs.

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A typical Ultrasonic Ranging System is composed of an electronics package and the transducers.

package and transducers

Under most conditions, sub-millimeter vertical resolution can be achieved with our ranging systems.

Package power input

Electronics Package

The electronics package contains all of the transmitter, receiver, signal processing, and communication electronics.  The electronics package streams the range data back to a logging PC which runs supplied software to display and log the range data real-time.

Package panel

Package transducer connectors

A typical electronics package can run up to 32 transducers and log up to 4 external analog channels.


We have developed many different transducer designs and configurations to meet the needs of our clients.

xducer wbg

Our most popular and versatile transducer is the cylindrical transducer.  They are housed in stainless steel housings and are 1 inch in height and 1/2 inch in diameter and are typically bundled four per cable.

Indian Institute System xducers on label

Individual transducers allow for a lot of flexibility in their configuration.

Flume lid array

This custom transducer array was built out of stainless steel and was designed to fit flush with the lid of a pressurized  chamber.

transducer pucks

These custom transducers were designed to mount on the end of threaded rods.

4 cm spacing

These transducer arrays were designed to mount together to form a continuous transducer array of 32 transducers with 4 cm transducer spacing.

Smiley array wbgfull array bw lg

This 32 element transducer array was designed to cover a large section of seabed with high-resolution.

pressure housing lg

The electronics were housed in a waterproof housing and the transducer connectors were under-water matable.

Hanes array front

This 32 transducer field instrument was designed to measure bedforms in the energetic near-shore ocean environment.

sample data